GREENIES Dental Chews Regular Treats…

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Jade's owner My 14 year old dog loves these treats!! She has a medical condition which has affected her eating habits. She looks forward to a Greenies treat everyday. We have to limit her to just 1 becuase she comes back for more. I also appreciate that they are less expensive on this website. I am purchasing more today!

Amy We give Senior Greenies to our 14-year-old dog once a day to supplement our daily dental hygiene program (aka brushing her teeth). She loves them and always asks for one after we've had our lunch. Our dog is missing several teeth but has no problem chewing and digesting these. Great product!

pat once a day, and he doesn't have to be put to sleep to have his teeth cleaned!

pat once a day, and he doesn't have to be put to sleep to have his teeth cleaned!

thunder These are soift and easy to chew. Dogs love them

this is a great treat plus it helps with breath and cleaning there teeth.

Reggie My dogs like this so much that they managed to get the box down and ate all of it at once! Too bad they are so expensive!!

barb Ginger chewed rocks before I got her, now what's left is in great condition due to her daily Greenie.

LIONSTITCH Greenies have helped keep ginger's remaining teeth in good shape.

David My dog loves these, and they are effective in cleaning teeth and good for doggie digestion.

pat my 14 year old "puppy" loves them, and they don't upset his stomach


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GREENIES Dental Chews Regular Treats…

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